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Why Digital Marketing Is Changing the Landscape

Why digital marketing is changing how companies compete

In every industry, traditional business models are being challenged. Uber and car-sharing services have upended the traditional taxi model. Airbnb is eroding a travel industry long dominated by hotels. And the home services market is no different. Learn why digital marketing is changing how companies compete.

Recently GREENCREST hosted a Google Partners event to reveal consumer trends and how businesses in the home services industry need to adapt to serve changing consumer behavior.

Here are a few consumer trends affecting the home services industry you should know:

Decline in Repeat and Referral Business

Across the country, fewer consumers are returning to service providers they have used in the past.

Wondering why you’re seeing that decline? We are seeing an unprecedented shift in consumer trends.

Rather than calling friends and family for referrals, consumers are searching online. And almost half of searchers are using a mobile phone between other daily activities. Your prospective clients may be standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for a coffee order or cooking tonight’s dinner when inspiration strikes for a kitchen remodel.

Growth of Search Relevance

When inspiration strikes and the searching begins, consumers look to search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant results. Companies ranking higher in search results are faring better because consumers associate placement on Google search results with quality. The logic is this: the higher a company is on search results, the better the company must be.

Contrary to what you might have thought, only 15 percent of consumers begin their search using ratings and review sites. But that doesn’t mean that reviews aren’t important: 82 percent of consumers say reviews are important when choosing a home service business.

Rise in Expectations

Consumers are demanding faster service: 50 percent of individuals searching for home services companies from their mobile phone called within one hour. Many are looking for same-day and next-day appointments — scheduling weeks out just doesn’t cut it with today’s consumer.

Shift in Demographics

What’s driving changing consumer behavior? Some will say that the answer lies in the surging impact of mobile phones. Now, more searches occur on mobile phones than on desktops. With increased access to technology, consumers can now access more information about your business in less time than ever before.

But, that’s not the whole story. The age and composition of households is changing, too. Millennials now head more households than Generation X. By 2018, millennials will head 21.6 million households, an increase from 13.3 million households in 2013.

Invasion of Digital

Not sure how to respond to these turbulent consumer trends and the invasion of digital channels? We’re here to help! Whether you need to launch a brand new digital marketing campaign or just need to enhance an existing Google AdWords account, we have the talent and resources to get your campaigns humming. As a Google Partner certified in multiple Google disciplines, we understand the best practices that will improve your website and online advertising — ultimately increasing your website traffic and your bottom line.

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Marketing recipe for a winning website launch



website launch

Whether you’re launching a brand new website or have redesigned your current website, you have an opportunity to market it!


  • Keyword search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media profiles
  • Social bookmarks
  • Email template/signature
  • Email list
  • Online advertising
  • Business cards
  • Press release
  • Traditional marketing materials
  • Launch party


  1. Whip up a list of keywords related to your website and/or business and sprinkle them strategically throughout your website’s copy and in your website’s meta data. This will help optimize it for search engines!
  2. Announce and spread awareness about your new website on social media. Check to see if your social profiles are branded similarly to your website. You can also use social bookmarks such as Digg, Reddit or Stumble Upon to increase awareness.
  3. Fold your website link into all of your social media profiles, review pages, directories and other high quality websites that relate to your business.
  4. Add a link to your website in your email template and email signature. Flavor it with a call to action such as “Check out our new website!” Blend in a special announcement to everyone on your email list.
  5. Stir in online ads that will draw traffic to your new website.
  6. Garnish your business cards with your web address and let your network know about it!
  7. You can also promote it using traditional marketing and public relations. Serve it on your sales materials, send a press release and host a website launch party!


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