How to write effective website copy

website copy

Powerful website copy is brief, precise and fresh.

Website visitors have limited time and attention spans, so you have to act fast. Ask yourself if a visitor will learn the key details about a product or service within 15 seconds of landing on a page. Headlines should make an immediate impression. Bullet points, headings and subheadings are essential for summarizing key points.

Use key words that match search queries and can be easily understood by your target. You may be a “unique solutions provider,” but use statements like “construction management” to clearly define what you do. Be sure to define your geographic service area prominently to stand out from similar companies that exist elsewhere.

An outdated copyright reference or a “recent” news release that’s more than a year old can affect your credibility. To keep current, be sure to schedule quarterly or bi-monthly site updates.

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What steps do you take to ensure effective website copy?