Forecasting the Future e-book

How to Analyze Trends and Determine Which Ones Have the Biggest Effect

Forecasting the Future e-book Analyzing trends and determining which ones have the greatest impact on your company’s future is an age-old practice of seasoned CEOs and companies that have withstood the test of time.

However, knowing the intrinsic benefits and the commitment needed to forecast the future of your business can prove daunting at first.

The advertising and marketing industry has seen an enormous degree of change over the 30 years since GREENCREST was founded. With the birth of the Internet and the market demand for commerce websites, we have had to retool our businesses. Media channels have proliferated, customers now have thousands of choices to watch and listen to, the vast majority of people have adopted social media, and more and more of life moves to mobile apps every month. We used to have a one- to two-year lead time before this type of change hit mainstream. Today, we are lucky if we have six months, as the rate of change seems to be coming nonstop at an accelerated pace. Looking back, it is easy to see the degree of change. Looking forward, the vision is not as crystal clear. How do you bring it into sharper focus? It takes commitment, time and resources to see what the future may hold.