Search Engine Marketing Services

We are a paid online advertising firm from Columbus, OH.

GREENCREST builds, tests, manages and optimizes paid online advertising campaigns that are designed to align with the goals of your organization, not ours. We adopt an approach of iterative improvement towards managing campaigns, which allows us to stay flexible in the ever-changing digital world – all while delivering the best results possible for our clients.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to build out online advertising campaigns. Every organization is completely unique with a diverse range of challenges. As a result, we get to know our clients and their unique challenges to create custom campaigns that align with client goals, first and foremost. No shortcuts, no surprises, full transparency.

Google Ads Campaign Creation, Optimization and Management:

GREENCREST is fully certified in Google Ads along with many other relevant certifications for paid online advertising. Our experience includes managing paid campaigns for a wide range of organizations that operate in many different industries.

Our Google Ads Campaign Services Include:

  • Search Engine Ads (PPC)
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Display Advertising Campaigns
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Local Search Advertising
  • Mobile App Advertising Campaigns

Since the online world is more than just Google, our paid online advertising services include many other digital platforms. We build, manage, and optimize social media advertising campaigns for all major social media brands.

Social Media Paid Advertising Capabilities:

  • Facebooks Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Local Search Advertising
  • And More!

Since we know that there is no one-size fits all solution for paid search advertising, our campaigns are custom tailored to align with your organization’s goals and needs.

If you’re ready to take a step up, get in touch with GREENCREST to learn more about our SEM services today.


GREENCREST’S Digital Marketing Process


  • Brand


    Our brand development process, supported by a thorough review, audit and discovery, captures the essence of your organization. We dive deep into who you are, what you do, the nature of your industry and your competitive differentiator.

  • plan


    Our planning process lays out the road map for you to succeed. We help you hone in on what drives buyers throughout their journeys — and we help you choose the right channels to reach them at the right time.

  • ignite your business

    Ignite Your Business

    Once you have a clear message and plan tied to performance, push the pedal to the metal and accelerate – we give your campaigns plenty of gas to get to where you need to go.

  • measure


    With a deep set of analytical skills, we can tell you exactly how many people you reached and how they’re engaging. We measure and report on Return on Investment and Return on Opportunity, continuously optimizing to reach further and engage deeper.

  • Google Paid Search Ads Services

    Google paid search advertising is one of the oldest types of SEM advertising online and still remains one of the most popular. Search advertising is still widely effective and is versatile enough to fine tune for almost any type of organization’s marketing needs.

    GREENCREST can help optimize and grow your Google PPC campaigns by leveraging the right tactics and then practicing continuous optimization. We build campaigns to maximize the efficiency of your ad budget, getting as much reach from qualified traffic as possible to meet your organizational goals.

  • Display Advertising Services

    Google Ads is about more than just paid search advertising. Depending on the goals of your organization, display advertising services can be a highly effective means to generate awareness, interest and potentially drive sales.

    GREENCREST can not only  help manage and optimize display advertising campaigns, our graphic designers can design the visuals needed to run display search campaigns effectively.

  • Shopping Campaign Advertising Services

    If your firm sells products online directly, we can help increase the reach of your online store through paid shopping campaign services. Paid shopping campaigns can be highly effective in gaining market share over competitors, and the ROI from these campaigns is relatively easy to measure.

    If you’re selling products online and haven’t looked into paid shopping campaign services, we strongly encourage considering testing the waters as the risks are low, and the rewards can be very significant.

  • Paid Search Analytics and Tracking

    Tracking and analytics are at the core of all digital marketing campaigns, including paid search, display, and shopping campaigns. Without proper measurement, there is no way to gauge success, and no way to make the incremental improvements and fixes that are critical to SEM success.

    If analytics and tracking are not already set up, we will make sure it is implemented when building out an SEM campaign. And most importantly, we will build our SEM campaigns and analytics so that we are measuring the goals that actually align with your business objectives.

Our Clients Succeed. Period.

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