One of the best marketing agencies Columbus, Ohio has to offer.

We probe into the heart and soul of your company to uncover new, unique marketing strategies for growing your business and gaining market share – making us one of the best marketing agencies Columbus, Ohio has to offer.

Our marketing programs begin with a solid strategy and research. Whether your aspirations are global or local, with a GREENCREST-inspired marketing roadmap, your company will embark on a well-planned journey to get you to your chosen destination on time and within budget.

Our Process

  • Brand


    Our brand development process, supported by a thorough review, audit and discovery, captures the essence of your organization. We dive deep into who you are, what you do, the nature of your industry and your competitive differentiator.

  • plan


    Our planning process lays out the road map for you to succeed. We help you hone in on what drives buyers throughout their journeys — and we help you choose the right channels to reach them at the right time.

  • ignite your business

    Ignite Your Business

    Once you have a clear message and plan tied to performance, push the pedal to the metal and accelerate – we give your campaigns plenty of gas to get to where you need to go.

  • measure


    With a deep set of analytical skills, we can tell you exactly how many people you reached and how they’re engaging. We measure and report on Return on Investment and Return on Opportunity, continuously optimizing to reach further and engage deeper.

  • Become a Market Leader

    Strategy is where we shine. You have aggressive growth goals and we know how to get you there. We help you hone in on what drives buyers throughout their journeys — and we help you choose the right channel to reach them. Capture market share and become a leader in your industry.

  • Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

    Many of our companies and businesses come to us because what they are doing isn’t producing the results they want. Whether your organization is transitioning between leadership teams or you simply need to break out of a plateau, we are the fuel you need to re-ignite your sales.

  • From Digital to Tangible

    As a full-service marketing agency, GREENCREST knows just the right mix of digital and traditional marketing, advertising and public relations to meet your business objectives. We recommend only the tactics you need to succeed – nothing more and nothing less.

  • From Global to Local

    Want to reach an audience across the globe? We can do that. Want to reach only a small, local base of dedicated buyers? We can do that, too. Our finely tuned targeting models have worldwide reach, while simultaneously narrowing your audience to the most likely buyers, helping you get the most out of your marketing dollar.

Our Clients Succeed. Period.

Air Technologies®, the largest industrial air compressor distributor in North America, consistently works to meet and exceed its aggressive sales goals and attain a high market share in the industry. GREENCREST works with Air Technologies® to promote external customer-facing marketing communications and internal communications. Air Technologies® has doubled its annual sales over the past five years.