Google’s Universal Analytics Will Sunset Soon

Make the Transition to GA4 Now

The deadline for transitioning from Google Analytics Universal Analytics is rapidly approaching, and it’s important for businesses to transition to GA4 before Google sunsets its legacy Universal Analytics. If business owners do not make the switch, Google will do it for them, and that’s not an optimal solution given that analytics needs to be customized and tailored to a business’s goals and needs. If you miss the July 1, 2023 deadline, it’s still important to fully set up and optimize the new GA4 account to align with your business’s needs.

What Are the Benefits to GA4?

  • GA4 will improve event and conversion attribution
  • GA4 is built to reduce privacy concerns and align with government regulations on privacy
  • GA4 enables better coordination tracking across devices and platforms

Accounts that do not create a GA4 account before the deadline will be auto-switched. This may result in unwanted and potentially disruptive settings from being enabled.

GREENCREST assembled a comprehensive slide deck detailing the transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Fill out the form below to access the presentation.