Marketing Case Study

Integrated Strategy Leads to Surge in Website Traffic

Hometown Service Center is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop located in Westerville, Ohio that provides services including diagnostics, brake and engine repair, exhaust and muffler service, and wheel and tire services. For 50 years, the company has enjoyed loyal customers and robust business and was looking to freshen its look and its message and drive continued growth to the business. The company turned to GREENCREST to assist with the management of their website, social media and quarterly promotions.


GREENCREST deployed a multilayered strategy that included:

  • Improving website SEO after performing an audit.
  • Performing updates to the website based on the audit recommendations, followed by as-needed maintenance.
  • Gaining company control over all online marketing assets.
  • Creating engaging social media content and posting more frequently on social media channels.
  • Designing and managing quarterly promotional creative direct mail and email campaigns promoting discounts and other seasonal offers.


Over the course of five months, Hometown Service Center’s integrated campaign achieved measurable results through increased website traffic. From January-May of 2022, Hometown Service Center’s website experienced a 41% increase in website traffic compared to the previous five months. Direct traffic from direct mail and email campaigns grew almost 30%, while organic search traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) grew over 32%. And social media traffic skyrocketed 131% over the previous five months.

Hometown Service Center marketing samples and results

The experts at GREENCREST can help you establish your message, your marketing channels and your overall integrated marketing campaign to provide a seamless experience across various customer touch points.