case study

GREENCREST launches advertising campaign that generates 2.64 million impressions in eight weeks

WorkLLama is an easy-to-use app intended to streamline the staffing process by connecting job seekers directly to companies or agencies in the distribution space looking to fill open positions at distribution or fulfillment centers. WorkLLama reached out to app marketing agency, GREENCREST, to help generate awareness of the app and create a crowd of job applicants to download and use the app to find employment. GREENCREST launched an advertising campaign that generated 2.64 million impressions in 8 weeks.

the solution

GREENCREST proposed a complex, multi-layered Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign that geo-targeted Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X job seekers that were active on social media. The targeted audience needed to be broad enough to mirror the diversity found in most distribution environments yet narrow enough to maximize the ad spend and effectiveness of the advertisements.
WorkLlama facebook page
The campaign included engaging videos that captured the attention of the intended audience and clearly demonstrated the benefits of using the application and its ease of use, which included more than just securing employment or filling open positions. For example, through using the app, jobseekers can earn referral incentives and incentives for the number of hours worked. The videos were tailored to appeal to specific geographic markets, including Ohio and Tennessee. As the campaign ran it course, GREENCREST continually tested new advertising copy and designs and further refined target audiences to optimize the campaign and continuously improve results.
WorkLlama promo video

the results

Targeted job seekers received the message loud and clear! During the eight-week campaign run, GREENCREST generated 2.64 million impressions. Over that period, the target market saw advertisements approximately seven times. Furthermore, the advertisements that GREENCREST developed connected audiences directly to the Apple Store and Google Play Store to download the mobile app immediately.