Digital Marketing Case Study for Flooring Company

A Geo-Fencing Ad Campaign Achieves 250% of Benchmark

Schlabach Woodworks is an Amish-owned custom hardwood flooring company that uses local Ohio hardwood as well as reclaimed wood to make its beautiful one-of-a kind floors. Schlabach operates a showroom in the Polaris area of Columbus, near several other similar businesses, and the company wanted to target Columbus residents in the market for upscale flooring options. Schlabach turned to GREENCREST to develop and run a campaign that would target Columbus residents in specific neighborhoods who were searching online for hardwood flooring and visiting
physical storefronts of businesses selling similar items.


GREENCREST built a digital advertising campaign with a set of targeting criteria based on zip codes, search terms and addresses of specific businesses, then designed display ads with compelling creative themes. The ads were built in numerous formats and sizes, served to targeted individuals on various news and entertainment sites over a three-month period, and optimized for clicks and conversions over time.

Digital results

Over the three-month window, the geo-fencing campaign delivered a click-through rate of .25%, more than double the .10% benchmark for a typical campaign. In addition, the walk-in conversions — tracked by geo-fencing Schlabach’s own showroom, then tracking devices that were served an ad and subsequently entered the Schlabach showroom — also overperformed the benchmark by a significant margin.

Schlabach Woodworks digital ads

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