Email Marketing Case Study

An Email Marketing Campaign’s Click-through Rate Soars

Air Technologies® is a Columbus-based distributor of industrial air compressors, and is the largest distributor in North America. In Q4 2020, GREENCREST, as their longtime marketing partner, developed an email marketing program to reach Air Technologies®’ industrial and manufacturing clients with a campaign about their superior service offerings, sizable cost savings and special price promotions.


GREENCREST created a series of 24 emails over the three-month period, each with a specific message and call to action. GREENCREST measured the click-to-open rate (CTOR) for each email and for the campaign as a whole. The click-to-open metric measures the overall effectiveness of the content, and is calculated by the number of unique clicks divided by the number of unique opens. A high-performing email marketing message or campaign will achieve a CTOR of about 20%.


The Q4 2020 Air Technologies® email campaign was a huge success, performing almost 300% above the benchmark for a successful campaign, based on CTOR. The average CTOR for the 24-email campaign was 47%. The top three emails each had a CTOR above 55%, with the highest performing email achieving a 57.17% CTOR.

Air Technologies Email Marketing

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