Case Study

IPEG Experiences an Increase in Online Leads and Visibility

Industrial Process Equipment Group (IPEG) turned to Industrial Marketing Agency, GREENCREST when the business realized it was not generating online leads from its website. IPEG’s website didn’t appear in online search results, lacked a strong brand identity, and was not easy to use. GREENCREST changed that for the company which distributes industrial pumps, valves, safety devices and filtration, and provides custom skid fabrication and industrial repair.

the solution

GREENCREST developed a new website architecture to improve overall performance and enhance the user experience. GREENCREST created a fresh web design and new, compelling content to increase online leads and added forms to improve online communication and conversions. New company blogs set the stage for content marketing strategies. A new website architecture was crafted to help visitors easily find information.

GREENCREST implemented search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and best practices to help customers and potential customers find the website. The SEM plan included a Google AdWords campaign built to reach a relevant audience searching for industrial process products and services. Finally, GREENCREST established IPEG’s LinkedIn and Google+ profiles, content strategy and weekly posts to help the company capitalize on social media marketing and drive more traffic to the website.
Industrial marketing agency works with IPEG

the results

In less than one year after redesigning the website, improving the user experience, and implementing SEO and SEM techniques and social media marketing, IPEG established an online brand identity and experienced an increase in website traffic and online conversions. In one year, the company obtained a 130 percent increase in website traffic and a 3,000 percent increase in online conversions (form submissions and leads). IPEG sales have benefited from this substantial increase in leads from the website, and ongoing search engine optimization and advertising ensure the numbers continue to grow.