Case Study

GREENCREST optimizes search advertising campaign that increases conversion rate by 250 percent in one quarter

Ohlheiser, an automation components supplier providing products from the world’s leading manufacturers for more than 50 years, was searching for opportunities to increase quality leads from its website. According to Forrester Research, a market research company, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales ready leads at approximately 33 percent lower costs than those that do not. Ohlheiser turned to GREENCREST, it’s marketing partner, to build and optimize a search engine marketing campaign to increase leads and grow the number of quotes requested for Ohlheiser services.

the solution

GREENCREST went to work to optimize Ohlheiser’s Google Ads campaigns and improve overall conversion rates with lead generation in mind and previous performance metrics at hand. GREENCREST capitalized on Ohlheiser’s affiliation with important brand recognition in the products they supply in the automation industry, keyword optimization and conversion optimization parameters to create a successful, multi-ad search engine marketing campaign. GREENCREST also helped Ohlheiser identify the most important conversions available through their website to create specific conversion goals within the campaign to measure performance.

the results

After just one quarter, GREENCREST increased Ohlheiser’s conversion rate from paid advertising traffic from 0.89 percent to 3.12 percent, a 250 percent increase. Through conversion optimization, Ohlheiser’s overall impressions for its ad campaigns decreased by 49 percent, but increased click-through-rates by 45 percent, showing that GREENCREST’s optimization strategies increased overall ad performance and quality. Ohlheiser’s goal to increase the number of total leads was accomplished with an impressive 67 percent increase in quality leads from the previous quarter. GREENCREST was also excited to share with Ohlheiser that we were able to decrease their cost per lead by 55.5 percent in one quarter.