Public Relations Case Study

Public Relations Campaign Delivers Big with 686% ROI

Spectrum Technologies® is a manufacturer and distributor of affordable, cutting-edge, plant-measurement technology to agricultural, horticultural, environmental and turf markets around the world. In 2021, the company launched two new products and wanted to increase product awareness in the turf industry, specifically targeting golf course superintendents. Spectrum turned to GREENCREST to boost awareness of these new technologies.


GREENCREST developed a comprehensive public relations campaign for Spectrum Technologies® to introduce their new products to their target market. GREENCREST identified media opportunities that would reach golf course superintendents. GREENCREST utilized the PR plan to strategically place articles, inserts and features in industry journals, magazines and other trade publications leading to big results.

Spectrum Technologies PR samples


Spectrum Technologies® received a 686% return on investment based on editorial value delivered from the campaign and Spectrum®’s new products were featured 13 times across various industry publications and their accompanying social media pages. Spectrum® has seen their turf business increase 36% in 2021, which they credit in part to the integrated PR and advertising campaigns GREENCREST executed.

Spectrum Technologies PR stats

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