case study

GREENCREST Media Buy Strategy Drives Leads to Client’s Solutions

VARGO®, a leading provider of material-handling systems integration, warehouse execution software and equipment solutions for major fulfillment and distribution centers, was eager to work with technology marketing agency, GREENCREST, to grow sales and increase leads for its systems integration software solutions for retail, wholesale and e-commerce fulfillment.

GREENCREST recommended that VARGO® focus on boosting visibility and awareness of the VARGO® brand, its products and solutions, including COFE® (Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine), its industry leading Warehouse Execution System solution. GREENCREST developed an advertising strategy that includes a variety of paid media, from digital banner ads, traditional print ads and sponsored editorial content.

According to research conducted by Nielsen, sponsored content generates — on average — 86 percent better brand recall compared to several other forms of advertising. In addition, sponsored content performs better across several key performance indicators (KPIs), including affinity, purchase intent and recommendation intent.

the solution

In order to accomplish VARGO®’s goals, GREENCREST annually develops a strategic media buy to raise awareness of VARGO® and its product offerings, including COFE®. In 2018, for example, GREENCREST planned a year of media buys in various trade publications, whose readerships are made up of key decision-makers in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and e-commerce industries — VARGO®’s primary customer base.

GREENCREST designed visually engaging advertisements that highlight VARGO®’s position as an industry leader in waveless and omnichannel order fulfillment and promote the benefits of COFE® as “Proven. Successful. Simple.” GREENCREST also managed and helped develop the sponsored editorial content that positioned VARGO® as a thought leader and expert in areas such as omnichannel, e-commerce and waveless fulfillment. The editorial sponsorships came with guaranteed lead generation from readers downloading content.

Technology marketing agency produces results for VARGO.

the results

For the media buys that generated leads, VARGO® received, on average, 165 leads per media buy — a total of more than 1,650 leads. VARGO®’s editorial sponsorship in Modern Materials Handling garnered the highest number of leads at 688. VARGO® was able to add these leads into their customer relation database and begin a conversation with prospects who had already expressed an interest in a certain topic — i.e. omnichannel fulfillment — or expressed an intent to invest in warehouse execution systems in the coming months.