SEM Advertising Case Study For B2B Company

Doubling Down with Display: How Air Technologies® Used Targeted Display Campaigns to Increase Brand Exposure

Air Technologies® turned to GREENCREST, its marketing partner, to build targeted display campaigns to promote its brand and one of its product lines. According to Google, business-to-business (B2B) researchers conduct an average of 12 searches prior to viewing a company’s website. By creating a targeted display campaign, Air Technologies® sought to capture that traffic, even when users may be looking at a different site to find information. Being discovered online and staying top of mind for users searching for Air Technologies® products helps keep current and potential consumers engaged with the brand.

Using Targeted Display To Stay Top of Mind

GREENCREST implemented a targeted display campaign across the Google Ads network to bring exposure to the company and its oil-injected rotary compressors. By specifying user interests, demographics and additional targeting methodology based on understanding a typical customer of Air Technologies®, we created a campaign that zeroes in on the “ideal” user.

Users who then clicked on the ads were added to a remarketing list to be further targeted by other campaigns.

Air Technologies display ads

Results of SEM Campaign

In Q1 and Q2 of 2019, the targeted display campaigns alone netted more than 2.1 million impressions, more than 29,000 clicks and more than 24,500 website sessions while maintaining a very low cost per click as compared to a search campaign.

Air Technologies display ad stats

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