Case Study

Social media campaign increases website referrals by 156 percent

Hardlines Design Company, a woman- and minority-owned architecture, planning and historic preservation firm, was searching for opportunities to strengthen their social media presence and to launch an account on Instagram, a growing social media channel of choice for architectural firms.

Hardlines Design Company turned to GREENCREST, its marketing partner, to build a social media presence focused on boosting visibility and awareness of the Hardlines Design Company brand: its projects and its architecture, historic preservation and planning services. GREENCREST implemented a social media strategy aimed at achieving Hardlines’ goals by developing a robust content strategy for the firm’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

According to the Data and Marketing Association, the No. 1 goal of 45 percent of businesses in integrating social media into their marketing strategy is to raise brand awareness. A strong social media presence not only builds brand loyalty, but it helps to increase sales. In fact, according to Curalate, 76 percent of U.S. consumers have purchased a product or service that they have read about in a brand’s social media post.


Hardlines Instagram page

In order to better showcase Hardlines Design Company’s architectural and historic preservation projects, GREENCREST formulated a social media strategy that recommended the addition of an Instagram account, capitalizing on that very visual social media tool to promote Hardlines’ work. In creating the strategy, GREENCREST suggested that Hardlines would improve its social media presence through regular posting and monitoring of all social media channels and posting behind-the-scenes content. Finally, GREENCREST developed the content and designed branded and visually appealing graphics to encourage followers to engage with posts and drive them to the Hardlines website.


90,000 reached in three months infographic

In the first three months, Hardlines Design Company reached almost 90,000 individuals on social media, averaging 1,000 impressions a day. Website traffic referrals via social media also increased significantly, 156 percent more than the previous three months. Compelling images, timely content and relevant hashtags all helped Hardlines Design Company achieve its goal of increasing brand awareness.

If you’re ready to take your social media marketing efforts to the next level, contact GREENCREST to craft a social media marketing strategy that will ignite your business.