Case Study

Eye Doctor Increases Facebook Following by 55%

Rinkov Eyecare Centers, the largest independently owned eye care center in central Ohio, turned to healthcare marketing agency, GREENCREST, to grow its online presence during a difficult economic climate for many small businesses.

the solution

GREENCREST created a social media marketing plan and a stronger, more consistent brand and voice throughout Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. After identifying Facebook as the social media channel with the most growth potential, GREENCREST developed an “I Got Framed!” Facebook contest, created branded picture frames with the words “I Got Framed!” and distributed them to all office locations.

Each month, Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ patients who purchased eye wear could pose for the camera while holding the “I Got Framed!” picture frame. On the first of each month, GREENCREST uploaded the new photos onto Facebook in an “I Got Framed” photo album-highlighting the patients wearing new glasses. The contestants with the most “likes” at the end of each month won a $100 gift certificate towards his or her next eye wear purchase.

Healthcare Marketing Agency delivers for Rinkov Eyecare Centers

the results

Rinkov Eyecare Centers saw tremendous growth in its Facebook audience and engagement. Rinkov Eyecare Centers patients found the “I Got Framed!” contest to be fun and interactive. Contestants became brand advocates, encouraging their personal networks-and potential patients-to “like” and engage with the Rinkov Eyecare Centers Facebook page. In one year, Rinkov Eyecare Centers’ following increased by 55%; reach increased by approximately 40% and engagement by 30%.