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GREENCREST Refreshes Website for OTP Industrial Solutions to Meet Changing Buying Behavior

OTP Industrial Solutions — a longtime client of one of the leading b2b marketing companies, GREENCREST, and one of the largest independent distributors and service centers of industrial equipment and systems for fluid power, pumping equipment, power transmission, motion control and electrical distribution in the United States — began to notice a change in buying behavior of its B2B audience: customers were increasingly turning to online sources to find suppliers.

According to Google, 90 percent of B2B buyers who are online use search engines to research options before making a purchase. In fact, on average, B2B researchers conduct 12 searches prior to engaging with a brand’s website.

Because GREENCREST continually maintains the OTP Industrial Solutions website and Google Ads for OTP, we recommended that OTP reinvest to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads conversions and a new website design to meet this changing buying behavior. The company engaged the SEO, Google Ads and website expertise of GREENCREST to redesign the OTP website and update its content to help the company increase sales leads.

the solution

In order for OTP Industrial Solutions to remain competitive in the market, GREENCREST developed a strategy to get them found online more often. First, GREENCREST refreshed the website’s content following advanced SEO best practices. In addition, GREENCREST updated OTP Industrial Solution’s Google Ads campaigns to optimize for ever-evolving consumer trends by leveraging smart bidding strategies, enabling machine learning on all campaigns and improving consumer targeting and ad relevance. Then, GREENCREST redesigned the company’s website to create a memorable first impression and retain website traffic for longer periods, working to convert those website visitors to leads.
OTP website redesign


Within six months following the website redesign, traffic to OTP Industrial Solution’s new website became significantly more relevant — B2B researchers entering the website were much more likely to convert, or become a sales lead. Over the course of those six months, website traffic grew by 14 percent while quote and contact requests jumped by 23 percent.
OTP results