GREENCREST Expands Its Offices to Meet Increasing Business Needs

GREENCREST is pleased to announce the expansion of its office space.

GREENCREST purchased and renovated the office space in the lower level of the building where its office is currently located. The extension adds approximately 2,500 square feet of space to its office at 120 Northwoods Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio (ZIP Code 43235).

The acquired space provides room for GREENCREST’ growing public relations, creative and account support staff.

Renovations to the offices include enjoining the two spaces, new lighting, custom paint finishes, new carpeting and furniture. Additional features include a new main conference room and expanded lobby area. The lower level will primarily house reception, office management, public relations and accounting. The expansion also offers GREENCREST patrons a private entrance accessible from the building’s lower level.

“The expansion came at the perfect time in terms of the space’s availability and GREENCREST recent growth,” said GREENCREST President Kelly Borth. “As our team grows, the new space will allow us the room we need to continue to serve our clients.”

GREENCREST unveiled its expanded space to eager clients, vendors and friends at an open house held on January 30, 2007.

ConTrak Corporation served as the main contractor on the renovations and expansion. Barbara Ashton of Barbara Ashton Decorative Painting provided the custom painting.