GREENCREST president, Kelly Borth featured in “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need”

market player to an industry leaderGREENCREST is honored to announce the release of “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need”, featuring Kelly Borth.

Transforming from a market player to an industry leader

The first step toward achieving market penetration is establishing market differentiation. CEOs take the lead in defining market differentiation.  Yet, as a specialist in brand development, it is disheartening to listen to all the brand-speak.  There is much confusion in the marketplace as to what a brand is. Brand is not a logo, an advertising tag line or design elements (or graphic “look”). It is, by my definition, “an undisputable evidence of distinction” and something that can be proved. A brand defines a company’s market differentiation.  It is important not to confuse “brand” with “branding.” So while “branding” is what is turned over to the marketing director, brand development must be led by the CEO. A brand’s distinction is what separates it from its competitors, makes it stand out as extraordinary or different, or better yet, more valuable to the end user.

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