Schlabach Woodworks Practices Green Living Through Use of Reclaimed Ohio Barns

Columbus, Ohio- Schlabach Woodworks, a custom millwork facility located in Millersburg, Ohio uses wood pieces from abandoned and old barns as reclaimed wood in recent projects.

In an effort to provide customers with a quality product while staying true to the company’s green building principles, Schlabach reclaims and refurbishes wood from abandoned barns by reusing pieces for millwork projects such as flooring, fireplace mantels, structural frames and beams.

With its unique markings and rustic finish, reclaimed wood provides an environmentally responsible wood alternative for customers looking for a unique addition to their homes.  Historical markings such as saw marks, nail and bolt holes, or normal wear and tear, add to the rustic ambiance that reclaimed wood contributes to people’s homes.

Using reclaimed wood and practicing green forestry is nothing new to Schlabach Woodworks. The company has been practicing green behavior for years. It uses all water-based, low VOC finishes, natural gas to power engines, heats the facilities with wood scraps in the winter and always practices forest sustainability. The reclaimed wood was used locally and featured in the Kevin Knight home during The 2010 Parade of Homes.

“The use of barn wood is part of a growing trend—more and more builders and homeowners are asking for it because of its weathered appeal, plus it is a great green practice.  Using the reclaimed wood flooring along with reclaimed stair parts create a sought-after interior look,” said says David Schlabach, of Schlabach Woodworks.  Because of its growing popularity, many interior design magazines or catalogs—such as Pottery Barn—feature their products in spaces utilizing reclaimed wood.

Schlabach Woodworks of Millersburg, Ohio is an expert on providing quality, consistency and efficiency in custom millwork, controlling every step of the process from forest through installation. Schlabach Woodworks selectively harvests Ohio’s forests to preserve younger trees that create healthy environments and serve as oxygen suppliers. Trees are selected from Ohio’s thriving forests. For more information on Schlabach Woodworks, please contact 330674-7488