SolarVision’s Solar Power Start-Up at Newcomerstown Schools Heralds Day of Celebration

SolarVision LLC and Newcomerstown Exempted Village Schools are officially commissioning a 68 kilowatt array of solar energy for Newcomerstown West Elementary Tuesday, October 5.

SolarVision initiated the 350 solar panel ground-mounted project, a racking structure installed on the school’s south side. Additionally, the day is also marking the installment of another 128 kilowatt solar array added to the Newcomerstown High School’s roof using a ballasted system with more than 500 solar panels placed on a 10 degree angle facing south and rugged enough to withstand one inch sized hail. Both projects will utilize the sun for 25% of both schools’ power load. SolarVision has developed a business model that allows the school district to take advantage of solar power’s benefits without the upfront capital investment.

The Solar Celebration event begins with remarks from Pat Cadle, principal of Newcomerstown West Elementary School and Greg Kuss, president of SolarVision. Students will also be on hand, expressing their knowledge on wind and solar power by conducting a demonstration on how solar energy works.

The installation of the solar panel system coincides with curriculum plans about renewable energy at the school, which is being taught in grades 2 through 5. SolarVision is providing both Newcomerstown schools solar energy monitoring software to enhance student interaction.

Media tours of the solar panels will also be available before the Solar Celebration Day events begin.

About SolarVision, LLC
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About Newcomerstown Schools
Newcomerstown West Elementary is an elementary building teaching grades 2-5 and preschool. The school received an “effective” rating on the Ohio Report Card. Newcomerstown High School has been awarded for the fourth time and the third year in a row, the state superintendent’s Schools of Promise award. In January 2010, Newcomerstown High School received the bronze ranking in US News and World Report list of the nation’s best high schools.