The Biggest Content Marketing Trends of 2017


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The new year is just five months away, and with it comes new content marketing trends and opportunities. In order for your business to achieve success in 2017, it is important to start planning early.

Here are some of the upcoming content marketing trends of 2017 you should consider incorporating into your marketing plan:

Getting Personal

Content should speak to specific personas and focus on groups of people with similar interests in order to provide value to the recipients. Study your audience and make sure that the content you’re developing is as relatable as possible. This will keep readers more engaged and interested in not only the content, but your brand or business as a whole.

Interactive Content

Create content that is interactive and engaging to keep your readers following along. Provide users with additional, relevant links or clips based on the information they’re already interacting with.

Mobile is a Must

In 2017, the option of mobile advertising will be anything but an option. If you want your business or brand to stand out in the constant clutter of content marketing, you have to be accessible via mobile device. A Smart Insights study found that more than 80% of people use smartphones to search the Internet, meaning your content needs to be compatible with users’ devices if you want to keep their attention.

Mastering New Platforms

When it comes to B2C marketing, social media platforms like Snapchat and Periscope will rise to the top in 2017 as the go-to way to reach the younger audience on a personal level. With real-time posting options, the platforms give marketers the opportunity to humanize their brand and give an inside look at aspects of the company that normally would go unseen.


Technology, people and trends change every day. This constant evolution makes it hard for marketers to keep their brand top-of-mind. However, with these tips and insights into what we can expect in the coming year, you have just enough time to master the trends and be successful in 2017!

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