5 Ways to Boost Facebook Advertising Performance

HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS - FEBRUARY 06, 2014: Social media are trending and both business as consumer are using it for information sharing and networking.

There are 1.65 billion active users on Facebook today, and Facebook advertising provides a strategic way for brands to reach their target markets on the social platform. However, companies may not be getting their best bang for the buck if they are not following best practices.


Here are some essential tips to follow to boost your Facebook ad performance:


  1. Use tracking URLs and Facebook Insights to analyze ad performance

You can link your ads to Google Analytics to track the ads’ performance and view them through Facebook Insights and ad performance reports. This will allow you to determine which ads “work” and which don’t, thus allowing you to run the best performing ads, rather than spend time and money on those that are not performing as well.


  1. Send ads to appropriate, engaging landing pages

Make sure your ads are being sent to appropriate, engaging landing pages on your website. If you are advertising a new product, you will want that ad to send visitors to that product’s page. That way, visitors won’t have to deal with trying to navigate through your site to find the product in which they are interested. This could help increase your on-site engagement, time on site and help lead to possible conversions.


  1. Create and test multiple target audiences

Test multiple targeting options for your ads to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences with the right content. Facebook allows advertisers to get fairly specific in their target audiences, which is very helpful when you’re trying to focus your ads towards a specific age group, demographic or audience type. However, remember to check your ads’ relevancy scores once you’ve found “the best audience” to make sure the same ads are not constantly being shown to the same few audience members.


  1. Use catchy and creative ad copy and images

You want to attract people to your ad and break through the clutter of their social media feeds. Encourage them to click on your ad and visit your website with unique and engaging content!


  1. Bonus! Facebook Carousel Ads

Look into utilizing Facebook’s Carousel Ads. If your business provides a number of different products or services, and you intend to advertise these to your viewers, Carousel Ads give you the opportunity to put all of your content in one place. The ads include three to five images and are much more engaging for viewers to scroll through versus the original single-product ads.


No matter which ads you decide are best for your business, make sure you are developing them correctly and creatively!

With the popularity of social media and Facebook, it only makes sense that businesses take advantage of the platform’s success, and do so with the best practices possible!

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