SolarVision, LLC Announces Startup of Solar Energy Project in Athens

Columbus, Ohio—Solar energy provider, SolarVision, LLC, is pleased to announce the completion of a solar paneled carport project for the city of Athens, Ohio. The 936 paneled carport is located at the Athens Community Center, located at 701 East State Street. The project resulted through SolarVision’s business model that made it possible for Athens to take advantage of the economic, social and environmental benefits of solar power without the upfront capital investment costs.

SolarVision received a stimulus grant of approximately $631,000 for the project and financed the remainder of the $1.9 million project. The city has entered into a 20 year power purchase agreement with SolarVision buying the power generated by the carport solar array, at a reduced cost, with SolarVision owning, operating and maintaining the array.

“Federal and state governments have enacted initiatives that encourage clean solar energy systems, so the time continues to be right to offer schools, municipalities and businesses a way to benefit from solar power,” says SolarVision president Greg Kuss. “Athens is a prime example of a city that will continue to benefit for years to come by using clean energy at a reduced cost.”

The Athens project is a 224 grid-tied kilowatt solar array that will reduce 4,757 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere—the equivalent of not driving 14,630,000 miles in an average car. The panels have photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into direct current electric energy and is projected to provide the center with one fifth of its power needs. Athens residents with computer access will be able to monitor the power being generated at the facility by logging on at

“We were fortunate to receive grant funding from the Ohio governor’s office (under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s state energy program),” adds Kuss. “Solar energy has moved into the forefront because of improvements in incentives and technology. Plus, new solar projects are creating jobs. SolarVision will continue to do its part to make more solar projects possible for municipalities by removing all upfront costs.”

About SolarVision, LLC:A leader in renewable energy, SolarVision, LLC has developed a cost-effective solution for solar power systems that provides an immediate economic benefit for educational, industrial and municipal properties. The latest inspiration from Energy Designs—founded in 1984 and one of the first product development companies focused on renewable energy—SolarVision, LLC brings a depth of experience and passion for sustainable energy alternatives. For more information, please visit