Strategic Marketing: The key to competitive advantage

What is strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing directs limited resources toward optimal opportunities to increase sales and sustain a competitive advantage. It is extremely important but often overlooked. Effective marketing strategy is what separates leading companies from the rest.

Where do I begin?

An effective marketing strategy begins with an in-depth understanding the 3Cs; the company, the customer, and the competitors. A good marketing strategy should integrate a company’s capabilities, resources, and actions toward a defined sales goal. Other objectives may be market dominance, new market growth, or increased awareness level.

How do I find the time?

Unfortunately, in today’s hectic business environment, busy executives often find it difficult to regularly assess the 3Cs. It’s hard to see critical information if you can’t step back, for a view. Fortunately, marketing strategy specialists can provide the prospective you need to propel your business forward.

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