Support Your Customers with Creative Marketing During COVID-19

pandemic marketing

Right now, top business owners across the world find themselves in an interesting predicament. As we all continue to do our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve — practicing social distancing, having employees work remotely and following the protocol required to keep customers and employees safe — many business owners are asking how they can best support and remain connected to their customer base in ways that are respectful and sensitive to the current, unprecedented circumstances.

If possible for your company, now is actually a great time to reach out to customers in ways that are creative, simple and let them know that — regardless of what is happening in the world — your business still has their best interests in mind. From reassuring emails to providing free services, there are a variety of ways to remain connected to customers and provide a positive, stable support system for them in the upcoming months.

Remember, while COVID-19 has certainly changed the way many businesses currently find themselves operating, it will not last forever. Once life stabilizes and gradually returns to normal, your customers will remember how your business provided a much-needed beacon of light, support and encouragement. Check out the innovative ways companies across the country have kept in contact with their customers, and start brainstorming ways your business can provide effective solutions!

Boost Spirits with Helpful Client Communications

By using clear communication on your website and in social media, e-blasts, newsletters, blogs and more, you can make clear to your valuable customers that your company is staying on top of this global pandemic and is prepared to do its best to maintain a stable level of customer service and support. Always remember to keep it positive, too! Depending on your industry, this could be the perfect opportunity to offer levity, humor, encouragement or motivation during a period full of uncertainty. Need some examples to get your creative juices flowing? Read what this company decided to do to boost customer morale:

  • Uniglobe Travel Designers: Who doesn’t want to daydream about better days full of fun and travel right now? This travel company, understanding that many are stuck at home right now, has developed a brilliant email series titled “Armchair Explorer.” In these email communications, Uniglobe takes customers across the globe, highlighting exciting travel destinations. The emails also include enjoyable extras such as tropical drink recipes, inspiring art scenes and informative travel tips. They also include testimonials from customers about how Uniglobe was able to help them with travel issues during the COVID-19 crisis. These emails have it all – they provide a lighthearted escape from the current situation, while showcasing how the company has protected its customers and will provide support in the future.

Show Support for Local Businesses

Businesses everywhere are struggling to maintain the production levels that they experienced before COVID-19. Showing unity with local businesses in your community during this time is an incredibly touching way to help businesses as they navigate through this period, and to demonstrate to customers that right now, you are dedicated to the greater good of the community. Is there a business that your company relies on to keep your products and services operating? A charitable cause that has affected an employee on your team in some way? Take a moment to feature them, like the following business did:

  • Crimson Design Group: This national interior design firm has made it a point to showcase local businesses in many of their email communications. While many of the Crimson employees are currently working from home, they’ve given well-deserved credit to companies in their communities that are helping them stay sane, productive and happy. For example, one team member showed support for his favorite local restaurant and discussed his favorite dishes. Another employee highlighted a variety of local staples, including her favorite wine shop, a bakery and a photographer who has taken family photos for her throughout the years. Finally, another employee shined a light on her church’s live-streaming, virtual Sunday services. Simple gestures such as this encourage positivity and a solidarity that shows the kind, thoughtful side of your team.

Provide a Free Service

If your business has the ability and capacity to do so, providing a free service that is of value to your customers is an effective tool that can deliver information, a sense of relief and a continued bond with customers. Simple strategies include dedicating a portion of your website to customers that discusses how COVID-19 affects your industry or offering free 15-minute consultations to help customers get advice regarding a pressing issue. Find out how this business decided to help their customers during COVID-19:

  • Safex: A health and safety consulting firm developed a proactive, useful strategy to help their customers with any of their current challenges. They are offering customers a couple of free services to support them right now. One of the services is a free trial of Safex On Demand, a digital platform that has an online library which includes downloadable tool box talks and video presentations organized into the topics of construction safety, general industry safety, industrial hygiene and environmental compliance and COVID-19 updates. For a limited time, the safety and health experts will review customer health, environmental and safety plans for free. This truly shows that Safex has made their customers and their unique needs a top priority right now.

These examples provide food for thought about how your company can strike the right chord with your customer base. The key is understanding what your customers currently need and how your business can meet those needs in the best way possible. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! When life begins to stabilize, your customers will be grateful, and they will always remember the dedication, support and commitment your team provided during this moment in history!

Stay strong! Contact GREENCREST if you would like to explore new marketing strategies that will provide stability for your business and help you stay connected with customers!