10 Things Great Companies Do

Great brands have several things in common. First and foremost is distinction. They know who they are, what they do differently and why they do it. Well-branded companies have driven their stake in the ground and have clearly communicated, both internally and externally, their market position. Great companies also:

Stay ahead of their competition.
In a competitive market is, staying ahead is a business best practice. Always be looking at technological advancements, R&D outcomes and information sharing — not only with clients, but with employees, suppliers and their channels.


Surprise people.
When something surprising happens — whether it’s a change, launch, advancement, or simple occurrence, it sends a message. Competitors, employees and the industry take notice that your company a leader and can be counted on for breakthrough business ideas.

Deliver the brand experience at every touch point.
Whether it’s the message the CEO delivers in a speech at an industry gathering, the description HR uses when interviewing a prospective employee, or the messaging on the website, a great company can deliver the brand experience at every interaction the company has with all of its audiences. And, all employees can deliver the brand experience to ensure brand consistency

Have a strong sense of internal clarity.
When a company has clarity around its brand, it is much easier to educate and inspire all employees to live the brand. The importance of employee engagement, and enabling employees to act as brand ambassadors cannot be overstated. The brand essence should be demonstrated by leadership and trickle down.

Keep customers and their needs at heart.
Second-to-none customer service must be the standard. Great brands are attractive to good customers. And good customers are worth holding onto with a vice-like grip. If we serve them well, they will more than likely become loyal advocates for your brand.

Look forward.
As business leaders, when we stay too busy looking down at current projects and the daily tasks of running the business — and not looking forward to where we want to take the company — we tend to get blindsided by unexpected challenges or customer curveballs. Leading companies rise above the everyday melee and embody forward-looking leadership.

Evolve with changing times.
Truly great brands evolve with time. Look at GE, Apple, UPS, and even stalwart brands like Tiffany. They’ve kept their brands relevant, over decades and through a sea of changes in audiences and economic gyrations. Great companies stay one step ahead while in a constant state of change, and — at the same time — maintain brand consistency

Articulate how they respond to challenges.
All great brands have a “Brand Lens” to strategically guide them in responding to challenges, unplanned occurrences and even mergers and acquisitions in a brand-driven way.

Make the world a better place.
Great companies do more than write checks to support charities. They engage their employees and find causes that their customers will support right along with them. They change the world. McDonald’s Corporation opened the first Ronald McDonald House back in the early 1970s and that charity now serves almost 9 million families each year.

Harness their brand to deliver incremental value.
It is well-known that 60 percent to 70 percent of a company’s value is intangible. Intangible value is made up of patents, trademarks, future sales and brand — all of which grows incremental value.

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