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PowerPoint Best Practices for a Stronger Presentation
We’ve all experience it: Sitting at a seminar, and the presenter pulls up a text-heavy slideshow and begins reading it
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Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency
Google Partner. You’ve probably seen that name and badge floating around the internet — but what exactly is a Google
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Lessons B2C and B2B Companies Can Learn from Smart Brands
In February of this year, I met with 35 brand certified peers. During our time together, we shared some of
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New SMART Goals to Help Generate Creativity
You’ve heard of the age-old SMART goals acronym — the SMART model — smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely —
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Why Digital Marketing Is Changing the Landscape
In every industry, traditional business models are being challenged. Uber and car-sharing services have upended the traditional taxi model. Airbnb
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Three Public Relations Rules to Live By
  Public relations is an essential part of any marketing plan. Good PR work can build brand awareness and a
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