Brand Experience: How it can affect your business

Think of brand experience as customer experience. What experience do your customers recall each time they are in contact with your business? Was the experience superior, bad, or neutral?  Was the experience consistent with your company’s brand?

Is your brand experience really superior?

Customer experiences produce emotional responses, and influence an overall relationship with customers and prospects. Studies have found that over 80 percent of surveyed companies believe they deliver a “superior” experience, yet less than 10 percent of customers rate their experience as “superior.”  If the experience is neutral, there’s only a 50/50 chance someone may choose or continue to do business with you.

Will your customers share their positive experience?

Brand experience is about creating an experience that is consistent with your company’s values and wows your customers.  In a broader sense your customers need to experience what is special and different about conducting business with you. It’s the experience that will captivate them, keep them enchanted and have them spreading the word to their peers.

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