How to plan an AWESOME print advertising campaign

If you want to plan an awesome print advertising campaign, you first need to do your homework. Follow these steps to create a successful campaign. 

Conduct the necessary research

Determine who you want to reach—industry, geographic area, consumer base, etc. Do research to find out which media outlets are available and most effective in penetrating your desired markets.    

Calculate ROI

Understand your expected outcome and what ROI is needed.  Business Marketing Association research shows that impact and ROI is achieved after 5-7 ads have run.

Work with print advertising representatives

Determine a budget and media plan. Call media representatives and find out details such as size, cost, frequency discounts, space and artwork deadlines and other special programs available such as mail/email programs, sponsorships, online publication tie-ins, lead generation, directories, etc. Most media outlets discount ad rates to recognized agencies. Seasoned media buyers can also negotiate rates below published costs when possible. 

Cover the basics

Create an ad campaign that represents your brand, delivers a meaningful message and prompts a call to action. A successful advertising campaign is built on quality, well-designed and well-written ads.

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