Designing Logos for the Digital Age

Logos and Corporate Identity

A brand is not a logo, an advertising tag line or design elements. But that doesn’t negate the importance of a solid corporate identity.

It’s Cherished

Corporate identity—or a company’s logo, colors and design elements—help communicate a brand visually and make it come to life. A logo often becomes iconic. It not only lives in pop culture, but it becomes immortal in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the globe.

Think about it. Olympic athletes get tattoos of the five Olympic rings. Many celebrities’ street style includes a cup of coffee with a green and white logo on it. Hungry road trippers look for the famous golden arches alongside the highway. And every year there’s at least one M&M character walking door to door for a trick or treat.

Logos are everywhere around us. Some last; some don’t. So what’s the differentiating factor? When it comes to creating a timeless logo, good designers start by thinking strategically.

It’s Scientific

Logo design is both an art and science. Before the drawing and creative process can even begin, it’s important to thoroughly understand the organization and its target audiences. For an effective logo, start with research and ask strategic questions. This helps a designer make wise choices that represent the brand well and speak to the company’s key audiences.

It’s Simple

For a logo that can withstand the ages, it’s imperative to forgo trends. Instead, start with a simple black and white sketch. Simple is key because logos often need to be manipulated for various mediums and uses. They may be full color on a website and black and white in a newspaper ad. They may be large enough for a billboard and small enough to read on mobile phones.

In the age of social media icons and mobile apps, the idea of “simple” has never been more apparent. Many companies often make the mistake of using their full, complicated logo as their icon or “profile picture” on its social media company page. Oftentimes, the logo is too small to read, especially if there is smaller text underneath the logo. If a complete logo redesign is out of the question, it is wise to create a simpler logo or icon for social media and mobile app purposes only.

It’s Memorable

Memorable logos suit a company’s brand, resonate with its target audience and make a simple statement. They are also unique and distinctive enough to stand out among the clutter of thousands of other corporate identities. A company can do all it can to promote its logo, but the true test lies with the end-consumer. Do they accept it? Will they treasure it? If so, you may have a winner.

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