Which social networking sites should I use?

Many companies understand the positive impact social networking sites can have on their business, but many are unsure as  to which social networking sites they should utilize to truly make a difference for their bottom line. As a business executive, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions to determine if a particular social networking site makes sense for your business:

Are my customers there? Ask your customers where they go online. Don’t expect to join a site and have your customers come to you. As with all marketing, you need to go to them.

Do I have the time to maintain this social networking site? If your profile becomes out of date or you’re not updating frequently enough, your company could look stale. Set aside part of each day to check in on your networks.

Am I genuine? Dedicated users of the sites will be able to tell if you are genuinely interested or if you’re just plugging your company. Be open in your communication and get to know the culture of each site you visit.

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