These Trends Are Transforming Social Media in 2024

These Trends Are Transforming  Social Media
It’s not just you, we’ve noticed it as well. Social media has been a bit hectic for the past couple of years.

From Facebook rebranding to Meta in 2021, Elon Musk impulsively taking over Twitter (now X) in 2022 and the launch of Threads in 2023, it appears that even the founders and
heavy hitters of social media platforms are a little unsure of the trends they should be focusing on to help users utilize the best qualitites of social media.

Thankfully, we’ve been watching social media trends closely. And while social media is ever-evolving and trends cycle quickly, our research has led us to these three trends to watch in 2024.

So fasten your seatbelt, and let’s embark on this 2024 social media journey!

1. Watch Out Search Engines – Social Media Is Coming for You

At one point in time, it was pretty much a given that the majority of consumers began their search for a new product or service with Google and went from there. However, thanks to the popularity of social media, and the vast amount of posts dedicated to reviewing just about anything you can possibly imagine, some consumers have begun using it as a starting point for their consumer decision journey instead of traditional search engines. In fact, according to a study by customer engagement platform Emplifi, 90% of consumers will read social media reviews before purchasing a product. Popular social media platform Tik Tok is even integrating Google search results into its in-app results, and has also added search tools like Keyword Insights to its Creative Center.

Our advice? Start incorporating SEO into your social media, such as focusing on keyword optimization in captions and profiles. Also, remember that evergreen social media content stays in social search indefinitely. Therefore, we recommend continuing with evergreen posts that are informative and educational, as they tend to get the highest engagement and show up more when searching for topics on social media.

Experiencing a Crisis at Your Business? Use Social Media as Part of the PR Strategy

The social media revolution of the past decade has put more pressure on businesses to provide consistent, real-time updates regarding their products and services than ever before, and this includes negative press as well. According to a survey commissioned by Twitter, 61% of respondents feel that brands should be able to acknowledge crises as they happen through their advertising and communications. Modern consumers place a high value on trust and transparency, and failure to acknowledge a crisis on social media platforms not only allows gossip and “fake news” to evolve in a negative direction, but sends a message to consumers that a business has something to hide. Moving forward in 2024, businesses need to incorporate social media strategy into their crisis communication plan, and put that strategy into action as soon as a crisis starts to gain traction.

LinkedIn Will Dominate B2B Social Media Marketing

Most business leaders are likely familiar with LinkedIn, the largest professional social network with over 690 million members, and use it to stay connected with clients and customers. Business to business companies need to get ready to take their LinkedIn social media strategy to the next level this year, because it is poised to become the prime channel for B2B social media marketing. LinkedIn recently rolled out algorithm changes that prioritize professionalism and deprioritize personal content, so make it a point to showcase information that is rooted in knowledge and expertise when creating LinkedIn social media posts. Also take advantage of LinkedIn’s targeting options, which allows users to target their ideal consumers by job title, industry, location, company size and more, and join LinkedIn groups to establish business industry authority. Finally, use hybrid content in LinkedIn posts, meaning a combination of blog posts, videos, surveys, etc.

AI Will Drive User Engagement

AI shows no signs of slowing down in 2024, and as such, will impact social media in a variety of ways. Social media users can expect to see more personalized content suggestions on social media platforms being recommended by AI to drive increased user engagement. AI will also be used to track social media trends and gain deeper insights into user behavior and market trends, which will then shape marketing strategies.

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