Write Blog Posts that Attract New Clients!

Write Blog Posts that Attract New Clients!

In today’s extremely digital world, it appears that everyone has a voice. From mommy bloggers to influencers to some of the biggest brands in the world, having a voice that speaks to your beliefs or expertise is not only trendy, but necessary for brands that want to stand out from the millions of other collective voices on the internet.

One great way to make your unique voice heard is through blogging. Don’t believe us? Consider the following mind-blowing statistics:

  • According to Yahoo Small Business, featuring a blog on your website can give you a 434 percent chance of having a higher ranking on search engines.
  • Online social network magazine, Social Media Examiner found that blogs that post daily get five times more traffic compared to blogs that do not.
  • BlogHer, a website for female content creators, states that 81 percent of US online consumers consider blogs a trusted source of information and advice.

Get to the Core of Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand’s voice is the megaphone that tells the world who you are as a company. Therefore, it’s crucial that your company creates blog content that effectively establishes a clear set of goals and values across each post, while ultimately showcasing your company as an authority in your industry. Remember: The blog content is there to attract potential clients and nurture current customers, but it should also say something about your company. Additionally, keep in mind that you want to write blogs that will stand the test of time and can continue to attract readers in the future. Such evergreen content is ideal because you can you use this content repeatedly; it improves organic search performance and it permanently reinforces your brand’s voice.

Optimize Blogs to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Simply writing an attention-grabbing blog is not enough to get recognized and rewarded by a search engine results page. Take time to optimize each blog post by smoothly integrating relevant keywords into your company’s blogs and taking the necessary steps to optimize the backend of the post for search.

Track and Measure Blog Traffic

To understand which of your blogs have the greatest traffic, it is critical to analyze metrics and understand what content is grabbing the attention of potential (or existing) customers. Several different metrics can be used to determine the success of a blog, including pageviews, average time on page, average pages per session, returning visitors and more. It’s important to have a comprehensive look at the numbers to paint a clear picture of the success of your blog content. For example, if you have a high level of blog traffic, but every visitor only stayed on the page for five seconds at a time, would you consider that quality engagement? When analyzing blog metrics, look carefully at all the various numbers and calculations to ensure you are getting an accurate reflection of the success of your blogs. This data provides valuable insights that can be used for perpetual improvement and optimization. Having such a deep understanding of the key performance indicators that matter allows you to adjust content as needed and to optimize effectiveness.

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