Top Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

As we turn the page to a new year — and a new decade! — it provides a great time to review some of the top marketing trends! At GREENCREST, we believe it’s important to consider emerging trends and develop new strategies to skyrocket your brand to the next level.

Here’s a list of some of the trends we see making an impact on businesses in 2020.

Personalized Content

As consumers continue to seek out authenticity and transparency from brands, 2020 will become era year hallmarked by personalization. Evergage, a personalization platform, found that 88 percent of marketers reported seeing a measurable boost in business results after personalizing their marketing campaigns. Why? Today’s consumers are aware of the numerous forms of promotion coming their way and have developed ways to tune out generic forms of marketing. So, how can your business connect with these potential customers on a deeper level? One tried-and-true way is email marketing. Create segmented lists to distribute personalized email blasts or develop follow-up emails asking about a recent experience with your business. Social media is also a good way to discover how consumers truly feel about your company, and to reach out to those who have compliments, questions or concerns. Be proactive with personalized marketing and you’ll improve or increase loyalty.

Video Marketing

The use of video marketing only continues to grow in 2020! Consumers are incredibly drawn to visual content, and video marketing showcases an attractive — and accessible — way to provide customers with solutions. Additionally, video marketing can go far in showcasing your brand’s unique personality and help it stand out from the competition. Not sure where to begin? Considering that, according to Forbes, 64 percent of consumers say that watching a video convinced them to buy a certain product, why not have a video showcasing your company’s top three products or services? Does your business support various charitable efforts in the community? Many of today’s consumers feel strongly about supporting brands that are socially conscious. Gain new fans this year by showing through video that your brand has strong values.

Interactive Content

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, interactive content generates five times more page views than ordinary content. Therefore, it’s crucial in 2020 to make sure your brand uses interactive content marketing that encourages audience engagement. For example, post quizzes and polls on your company’s social media platforms that help highlight the current needs of your target audience. Shoppable posts have become the latest Instagram craze, and allow brands to transform their Instagram accounts into visual stores complete with product tags and links to product web pages. Interactive content is exciting, innovative and provides consumers with a direct way to discover more about your brand — and why they need it in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) exploded in 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down in the new year. In fact, the AI market is expected to reach $190 million by 2025, according to market research platform Markets and Markets. AI can be a savvy marketing strategy for businesses if used for customer service and retention purposes. Consider chatbots, a branch of artificial intelligence that 80 percent of brands plan to adopt in 2020, according to computer technology company Oracle. Numerous companies have now implemented chatbots to guide potential consumers at the beginning of their customer journey when looking for a product or service, provide answers for frequently asked questions or help them connect with an associate should concerns arise. While human interaction is always a great way to build relationships with customers, AI may be a great addition to an already talented team of employees.

Ready to incorporate the latest marketing trends to accomplish all of your business goals and objectives in 2020? Contact GREENCREST because we’re ready to help you make it happen!