How breaking through the clutter is a matter of how it is presented

breaking through the clutter

Whether or not your message gets heard has a lot to do with the way you present it to the market.

We can all relate to how challenging it is to take in all the communication we receive on a daily basis — television, radio, billboards and other outdoor messaging, signage at the drive-through, e-mail, voice mail, newspaper, Twitter and Facebook — just to name a few that impact me by 6:15 in the morning.

As consumers both personally and professionally, we make numerous decisions each day on what we will spend time reading and what we will ignore due to lack of time or interest. Our available time to review and receive messages continues to be challenged by the sheer number of messages we receive, not to mention the myriad of other demands on our time.

With the birth of social media, the 30-second rule has become at best the three-second rule. This challenges our ability to capture the attention of our audience members, engage them and convey a meaningful message.