Win press coverage with a media relations campaign

media relations campaign

An ongoing media relations campaign is the best approach to secure repeated media coverage in a variety of outlets. A strategic media relations campaign targets your company’s current and prospective markets. This will position you as an expert in your industry.

Earn a Reporter’s Attention

In media relations, your news is at the discretion of the reporter. Unlike an advertising campaign in which you pay for placement, you must stand out to a reporter to obtain an editorial story. Establishing a message that centers around what makes your company unique is a key component of a successful media relations strategy. A unique message and angle will help you achieve the media’s attention and increase your chances of getting published. You must also reach out to media outlets and reporters who cover your specific niche and appeal to your target audience.

Exhibit Media Relations Best Practices

  • Be consistent
  • Create quality news angles
  • Display good media relations etiquette
  • Understand the reporter’s style
  • Know the media outlet’s audience

Follow these tips and you will establish a path to getting your company published.

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