Advertising Frequency: Finding the perfect balance

There’s no magic formula for calculating the perfect advertising frequency.  However, industry rules of thumb can be used as a guide to assist in planning a campaign.

Know Advertising Frequency Standards

Current industry opinion  on advertising frequency says that five to seven ad impressions will have impact and up to 11 ad impressions will call your target markets to action.  

Consider the Medium

It’s important to consider your competition and ad clutter, for these factors can dictate your frequency numbers. Consider the medium.  Achieving effective reach in a weekly publication may be accomplished by running a quarter-page ad seven times over a three-month period.  A monthly publication may require a greater frequency of seven to 10 times for an effective reach.

Plan a Strategic Advertising Campaign

Successful advertising is the result of careful planning and execution.  Trained marketing planners and media buyers can help guide you in achieving the greatest impact with your target market. 

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