10 Tips for an Effective Marketing Booth

You signed up to have a marketing booth at a trade show, networking event or festival to shake up your marketing mix. Now what? What can you do to generate new business leads or meet potential new talent? You have to be strategic, plan ahead and bring your marketing A-game!

Here are ten booth display ideas that will help you draw more traffic to your marketing or trade show booth, engage with more event attendees, and generate sales leads.

1. Before the event, send an email and/or direct mail piece to prospects that may attend the event. Let them know where your booth will be located and what benefits they will receive from visiting you.

2. Design a professional, attractive booth that catches the attention of passersby. Your marketing or trade show booth design should represent your company, your values and your goals.

3. Make information easy to find and digest. Add professional pop-up banners, posters or an informational wall structure full of marketing materials to help people understand who you are and what you do — even if they don’t talk to you. Engaging elements such as videos or interactive touchscreen kiosks are a bonus!

4. Be helpful or entertaining. A fun game, massage chairs, interactive technology and raffles for big-ticket items will help draw traffic to your booth and increase awareness of your presence.

5. Don’t give away too much for free. Instead, collect visitor information in exchange for your big attraction. Have an information card or a form on an iPad that they can complete. Use this information to follow up with visitors after the event. Make sure they leave your booth with your marketing materials in hand, as well.

6. Be sure you have company literature, information and marketing materials available that you can pass out to visitors who show interest in your product, service or your booth display.

7. Make sure your employees aren’t standing behind your marketing booth the whole time. They should be out in front, engaging with visitors and passersby. Also, make sure each worker has their business cards handy.

8. Give away promotional items that people can use on a daily basis, such as pens, sticky notes or calendars. This will serve as a constant reminder and keep your company top-of-mind.
9. Have at least two people run the booth in case one person needs to step away periodically. A third person can stop by the other booths for additional networking.

10. To further increase company awareness at the event, be an event sponsor. Depending on your sponsorship level, you can have your company logo included in ads for the event, on event banners, in the event program, mentioned in promotional emails and/or mentioned on stage.

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