Eight keys to developing long-term customer connections

Customer Connections

If I did a Google search, I am certain there would be numerous authors who have written about building lasting customer relationships, yet as I speak to CEOs around the country, this question inevitably surfaces.

I have built my business on valuing a long-term customer relationship over a short-term gain.

If your goal is to build customer relationships that last for the long-term, here are eight tips you may want to consider.

Set your sight for distance. Focusing on building customer relationships that last for the long-term requires vision far beyond an impending sale. A short-term focus or placing too much emphasis on the short-term sale impedes long-term vision.

Most of us are old enough to know that vision weakens over time, too. Don’t let the lapse in years change your relationship focus. Maintaining keen vision requires regular check-ins and adjustments.