Online Marketing: The basics

Online marketing has become a necessary strategy to reach potential customers. Most consumers make a trip online at some point during the buying cycle to research different products and services and to find contact information and hours of operation for a particular business. It is critical that your company website is found among the sea of competition.

There are many types of online marketing tactics that companies use to be found online and make the most of their marketing dollars. The following are the most basic online marketing strategies.

Appear in Search Results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good search results begin with developing your website according to search marketing best practices and optimizing it for search engine indexing algorithms. Your goal is to have the search engines list your website on the first page of the search results when users search for terms related to your business.

Drive Website Traffic with Content Marketing

It is important to keep your website content fresh by posting current press releases, articles, blog posts, white papers and other news. Adding a blog or video will enhance an existing website and drive additional traffic.

Target an Online Audience with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search advertising campaigns are another cost effective measure to direct more traffic to your website. Online advertising campaigns can be highly targeted using keyword lists, geotargeting and more to ensure you are placed before a relevant audience.

Track Return on Investment

Website analytic programs, such as Google Analytics, help measure and track important information such as referring websites, new visitors, time spent on your website, what pages people spend time viewing, number of downloads of information from your website and number of inquires completed.

Amp up your inbound marketing with strategic online marketing practices. Contact GREENCREST for more information about online marketing tactics.