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How to Build an Online Marketing Fire

Knowing how to build a fire is just as essential for survival in the online marketing world as it is in the wilderness. A blazing campfire provides warmth, light and a way to cook food. The fire you want to build online increases awareness and generates online leads. Fire-Starting Tools To start a fire in the … Continue reading How to Build an Online Marketing Fire

Experiences: The New Era of Marketing

  The marketing industry is moving toward focusing more on customer experiences rather than traditional marketing campaigns and tactics, according to Robert Rose and Carla Johnson in their latest book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing.  What is an experience? An “experience” goes beyond a company’s product or service. It’s the value-added digital or physical … Continue reading Experiences: The New Era of Marketing

Online Marketing: The basics

Online marketing has become a necessary strategy to reach potential customers. Most consumers make a trip online at some point during the buying cycle to research different products and services and to find contact information and hours of operation for a particular business. It is critical that your company website is found among the sea … Continue reading Online Marketing: The basics