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Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

Google Partner. You’ve probably seen that name and badge floating around the internet — but what exactly is a Google Partner? A Google Partner is a company that has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise and has helped clients grow their customer base and revenue through AdWords campaigns. Agencies that achieve Google Partner status are dedicated … Continue reading Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

Online Marketing: The basics

Online marketing has become a necessary strategy to reach potential customers. Most consumers make a trip online at some point during the buying cycle to research different products and services and to find contact information and hours of operation for a particular business. It is critical that your company website is found among the sea … Continue reading Online Marketing: The basics

What is search marketing?

Search marketing is a form of Internet marketing with the goal to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages. Search marketing typically involves a combination of website search engine optimization and paid placement. Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to bring more traffic to your website from your “organic” search results. Your … Continue reading What is search marketing?