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New SMART Goals to Help Generate Creativity


Use SMART goals to help with creativity

You’ve heard of the age-old SMART goals acronym — smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely — but sticking to such rigid guidelines can sometimes stifle creative thinking and idea development.

We’ve created a new set of SMART goals to help you improve your creative output.

S: Stretch

Stretch your mind. Don’t go back to your usual way of generating ideas. Instead, do something different or unique. Think outside the box — way outside the box! Even your craziest ideas could have some great, realistic components that you can use.

M: Meditate

Our minds are constantly muddled with hundreds of thoughts each day. Take some time to focus on the present moment and pause the other thoughts in your head. The inner peace that comes with meditation doesn’t just help your health, it can help you be more creative and generate better ideas.

A: Ask for Help

Feeling stuck? Reach out to a colleague, friend, family member or even a stranger, and ask for their opinion. The feedback you receive could trigger a whole new series of ideas you hadn’t previous considered.

R: Relax

Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas seem to pop up in the middle of the night or while you’re taking a shower? The best ideas aren’t usually created when you’re under stress, so take a step back, relax, and let all the information sink in. You may be surprised with what other ideas may come up.

T: Transform

You’ve used the first four parts of our new SMART goals to help generate a list full of information and ideas — now it’s time to take that information and transform it into your final, creative product.

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Six Ways to Lead with Strategy


Business Strategy


Strategy is a game changer. It is what separates the players from the industry leaders. If you want to change the game and take the lead, here are six important keys to success.

Competitive Strategy Centers on Brand 

It is the unique differentiation your business offers to the marketplace. Brand is a statement of why the business matters and the gaping hole that would emerge if your company did not exist. It is the passion that drives the organization forward. Is your business making the world a better place or transforming your industry? Make sure your company matters. Without a brand, it is impossible to achieve or sustain the position as the market-share leader.

People Strategy Dictates Company Culture

Culture is a part of your brand. If your people aren’t delivering your brand promise to the marketplace at every presale, sale and postsale touchpoint, then your brand does not have a leg to stand on. It is meaningless and will work against you if customers are experiencing less than what they expect or their experience is not consistent as their engagement with your organization progresses. A strong company culture values its people and provides the support, training and management structure to assure employees can succeed in delivering on the company’s promise.

Marketing Strategy Paves the Way

Marketing strategy paves the way for the organization to grow, build a reputation, become known and understood.  A solid marketing strategy starts with a crystal-clear vision of the company’s goals and what activity needs to happen to make those numbers a reality. A marketing strategy encompasses the bigger three- to five-year vision for what the company needs to do to be the market leader. By looking at the longer term, a marketing strategy addresses the necessary posturing and planning needed to lead the company to its next level of growth. A marketing strategy is not developed in a vacuum: It takes the effort of the entire leadership team to make sure the enterprise is charted in the right direction.

Sales Strategy Kicks into High Gear

With a clear marketing vision, a company’s sales strategy can kick into high gear. It starts with understanding how many new relationships will drive company growth and what industries or product segments are targets for growth. Establishing a strategy for targeting prospects and driving leads is complex in today’s online, voicemail and mobile world, yet we know that products and services are being consumed at unprecedented levels. Are you getting your share of the action?  Having a plan to respond to leads is an equally important strategy in a company achieving its sales goals.

Customer-Retention Strategy Focuses on Service 

If you have a strong company brand and culture, you probably already focus on excelling at customer service. If you knew that 80 percent of your customers were at risk every year, would that motivate you to develop a stronger customer-retention strategy?  Most companies’ customers are merely satisfied with the service they are receiving from their supplier partners. That means that they are willing to look at other options in the market.  It is when you exceed expectations that they become loyal customers and unlikely to consider anyone else. Having a strong marketing strategy to grow the business is meaningless if your customer attrition rate is too high. You work hard and spend a lot to attract new business. Strategize to keep them by exceeding expectations.

Implementation Strategy Determines Success

Good planning and strategy deserves to be implemented — with gusto! Any other implementation strategy will affect results. That does not mean that you can’t walk before you run, but too often, companies handicap their organizations by underfunding implementation (you know who you are). It is like having a shiny new Ferrari in your garage but you never gas it up to drive it. You need to be committed and focused to stay on track and hit the established milestones.

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